• Seb Jarnot Exhibition in NY

    Seb Jarnot, September 24th at The Reed Space, 151 Orchard Street, New York City

    Seb Jarnot at the Reed-Space - Exhibition New York - September 24 Th

    Exhibition in NY des nouveaux travaux de L'artiste Seb Jarnot qui seront visibles à New York le 24 septembre 2009 à la Reed Space. La mise en boite est exécutée par la We Are Familia.
    New drawings and prints by French Artiste Seb Jarnot are going to be displayed as part of a group show in New York.

    Seb Jarnot, September 24th at The Reed Space, 151 Orchard Street, New York City


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    WE-ARE-FAMILIA PRESENTS SEB JARNOT AT REED SPACE NYC WE-ARE-FAMILIA is an extensive global network of emerging artists, illustrators, designers, directors, photographers, architects and musicians whom have come together to explore the powerful, complex ties which consciously and unconsciously touch all that we experience as humans. Spearheaded by Creative Director Jennifer Garcia, their primary ongoing project is a series of 25 one-of-a kind keepsake boxes showcasing original “mementos” contributed by its family of artists. Each keepsake box is custom built from recycled or surplus materials. Each contains a unique range of approximately 40 multimedia pieces based on the concept of family– from paint- ings, drawings, collages and prints, to hand-assembled fanzines, cut paper pop-ups, 8-track recordings and designer toys. WE-ARE-FAMILIA’s keepsake box project launched at Parisian design superstore Colette with a window display and in-store installa- tion followed by an exhibition at Open Space Gallery in Beacon, New York. At Reed Space NYC this September 24th, WE-ARE-FAMILIA will unveil three new keepsake box designs (Nos. 6,7 and 8 of 25) as well as showcase a selection of new works from one of its fifty art-clan members, illustrator Seb Jarnot of Nimes, France. The keepsake boxes themselves (design collaborations by Jennifer Garcia, Fabian Bedolla, Randy Lott and Leah Ellis) are an elegant ad-hoc assembly of found objects. Both beautiful and strange, nostalgic and contemporary, the keepsake boxes offer unexpected juxta- positions. Keepsake Box No. 7 of 25, entitled “This Box Rocks”, is comprised of a found dresser drawer, reconfigured and coddled in a hand knit cozy. Resting on a Eames style rocking chair base, it releases (through perforations) a Happy Birthday “soundscape” by sound artist Mike Skinner. Through a series of adaptations and incisions, the main container has been fit with secret compartments safeguard- ing its contents, revealed only to those who come to know the box intimately. Featured contributor Seb Jarnot’s drawings have often been described as bizarre, also offering an element of surprise. His imag- es are surreal and symbolic in nature, appearing to be from some lost civilization. Working mostly from photographs, Jarnot wel- comes free gesture, fluidity and accidents. His 10 year long resume is prolific, having worked for such companies as Nike, Mercedes, Le Monde and the French electronica label F communications where he designed and illustrated packaging for bands Laurent Garnier and St Germain. He has exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Paris and three books have been published about his work to date: 3x7=15 (Die Ge- stalten Verlag, 2004), Bruxelles octnov2005 (Editions Ph. Pannetier, 2005) and Ce Que Le Vent Précède with Michel Gravil (Editions H. Des Abbayes, 2006). Seb’s love of drawing permeates his every day life and is shared in particular with his daughter Lou, who he has been creating drawings with since she was first able to hold a pencil. Each WE-ARE-FAMILIA keepsake box contains a lithograph of their most beloved col- laboration and Seb continues their “4-hands” series for the upcoming Reed Space show. Seb will also exhibit new solo works, including original drawings and prints further exploring the collective’s family dialogue. WE-ARE-FAMILIA PRESENTS SEB JARNOT follows in the footsteps of Faile, Kenji Hirata, Peter Sutherland, Parra and Lomography who have all exhibited at Reed Space, the iconic LES design shop and gallery founded by Staple Design’s Jeff Ng. Encompassing both nostalgic warmth and contemporary forms of expression, the show offers a new and exotic understanding of ordinary things. OPENING Thursday, September 24 2009 Reed Space 151 Orchard Street (btw Rivington & Stanton) New York City, New York 10002 212-253-0588 www.thereedspace.com


    More information about the artist SEB Jarnot the Art Gallery Philippe Pannetier



    Actu chargée

    Seb Jarnot, "qui ne court pas après les expos" mais préfère laisser les choses se faire naturellement, affiche un agenda professionnel sacrément rempli.
    Il vient de signer une création pour L'Oréal Professionnel "c'est pour une nouvelle gamme de produits naturels". Cette campagne sera visible dans le monde entier.
    L'illustrateur nîmois est également l'auteur d'un visuel pour Villeroy & Bosch en Allemagne, travaille régulièrement en presse, notamment pour le Financial Times, Le Monde et de nombreux magazines néerlandais - "J'ai un agent en Hollande", explique-t-il.
    Enfin, Seb Jarnot enseigne depuis trois ans à l'école Intuit.lab d'Aix-en-Provence. "Mais cette année, j'ai réduit, mon emploi du temps est trop chargé, du coup j'ai raté la rentrée et ne reprends qu'en janvier", précise-t-il

    Seb Jarnot expose des dessins récents

    "Pour cette exposition, je présente une sélection de travaux plutôt récents, certains réalisés cet été, la plupart totalement inédits, d'autres déjà montrés dans mon livre 3x7=15 (éditions DGV). "

    Plus inattendu, Seb Jarnot a également choisi de dévoiler une série de dessins réalisés à quatre mains avec Lou depuis quatre ans. Une sacrée expérience pour sa fille qui, drame familial chez les Jarnot, est privée de vernissage new-yorkais pour cause de collège... Dur, la vie de jeune artiste !

    L'exposition au Reed Space démarre le 24 septembre. "La date de fin n'est pas fixée, explique Seb Jarnot. Nous partons au minimum sur deux semaines, mais si l'exposition fonctionne bien, nous resterons un mois !"

    Léonor de Bailliencourt - Septembre 2009

    LIENS + d'infos sur Seb Jarnot aux AMÉRIQUES > MIAMI ART BASEL "FOUNTAIN"



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    Mardi 15 Septembre 2009 à 19:25
    It's better than...
    The first one corresponds well with the idea of a family, and the second is really beautiful!!! To tomorrow my friend.
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