Claude Goretta Portrait cinéaste

    Portrait de cinéaste Claude Goretta

    Claude Goretta, est né en Suisse à Genève, le 23 juin 1929 ou ill crée au début des années 1950 le Cinéma d’essai universitaire. Ses amis Alain Tanner, Jean Mohr ainsi que, Jacques Rial (1953), Alain Buholzer et Pierre Barde, Pierre Biner, Étienne Dumont, Bertrand Bacqué, Norbert Creutz, Laurent Asséo, François Albera, Lysianne Léchot-Hirt, Luc Palandella et autres… les rejoindront pour ce qui deviendra le Ciné Club Universitaire de Genève qui sera épaulé par fondateur et directeur de la Cinémathèque suisse Freddy Buache.
    De 1955 à 57, il travail au British Film Institute de Londres où avec Alain il tournera Nice Time.

    Alain Tanner Portrait cinéaste

    Portrait cinéaste du Alain Tanner

    Alain Tanner né en Suisse à Genève le 6 décembre 1929. Après des études d'économie à l'université de Genève. A 23 ans, il s'engage pour deux ans dans la marine marchande, puis de 1955 à 1958, il séjourne à Londres, travaille pour le British Film Institute et fait la connaissance de Lindsay Anderson. En 1957, il réalise son premier film, avec Claude Goretta, Nice Time (Picadilly la nuit). En 1968, il fonde le Groupe 5 avec Michel Soutter, Claude Goretta, Jean-Louis Roy et Jean-Jacques Lagrange, pour promouvoir le jeune cinéma suisse.réalisateur suisse.

    NICE TIME Picadilly la nuit, court métrage créé dans le mouvement british Free Cinema,, extrait a

    NiceTime film Garotta Tanner Photo Point-to-Point-Studio

     NiceTime film de Cl. Garotta & A. Tanner Photos

    NICE TIME Picadilly la nuit, Dirigé et écrit par Alain Tanner. Photographie de John Fletcher.  Son de John Fletcher. Mixe  Pete Ashton Quintet. Musique sic 1957: Pete Pimlett, Nancy Whiskey, BakerChas.McDevitt Skiffle Group… 25 week ends in Piccadilly Circus extrait b

    Cinéaste, Alain Tanner

    Claude Goretta, cinéaste

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    lettre Jean-Luc Godard - Lettre à Freddy Buache 1982

    Histoires de ciné-club Nice Time(s)

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     Thanks at Ken Roche

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  • Commentaires

    ken Roche
    Mardi 5 Janvier 2016 à 04:41

    So good to find this information. As a young man in the 1960s I screened your short film "Nice Time". I've since Bought the BFI DVD "Free Cinema" and Was happy to find your movie included.

    I have written letters Many year in Attempt to find a recording of the last three songs you used in "Nice Time". Can you please put an end to my searches and tell me Who Performed the versions of:  "I Do not Want Your Greenback Dollar"?

    The first to Was a ballad rendition of the song with male voice. The second Was a beautiful humming and whistling rendition, It's haunting whistling this release in my memory That Remains, this arrangement captures the melancholy nuances of the original melody.

    Aussi this track Seems To-have-been multi-tracked gold dubbed over to create a twin whistling effect. To date, all I've been ble to find is the "up tempo" recording by Chas McDevitt and Nancy Whiskey purpose it's used is the mellow version of your movie soundtrack That best captures the spirit of this song. Who are the Artists and Where Could I find a copy of this wonderful release ....? The BFI website HAS scant details and is little help.

    Any information you can supply Will Be greeted with much gratitude.

    Warm Regards Musical and Filmic to you.

    Ken Roche

    3/38 - 40 Duke St

    Woonona NSW



      • Mardi 5 Janvier 2016 à 23:26

        Hi Ken
        Good ! In the article. There is a playlist for you.
        Best regards. Philippe.

      • ken Roche
        Jeudi 7 Janvier 2016 à 12:37

        ....Thank You Phillippe,  watched them all, some good, some ok. The only one I now need to find is the one by the artists performing on

         the actual film sound track, it's a haunting whistling rendition (second last number in the film).  Looking to find the names of the very performers for each of the songs. and if these were originally available on record in the 1950s at the time that the film was made?  (or ever preserved on CD?) 

        The Film Credits are very general and not song specific. Is anyone able to help with this...?


        Many Thanks in anticipation


        Ken Roche


    Jeudi 7 Janvier 2016 à 16:01


    Link : https://youtu.be/B1C65jhVAxw

    the music soft helped to give the film it's dreamy atmosphere.

      • ken Roche
        Vendredi 8 Janvier 2016 à 13:19

        There is also a sadness when a large crowd of people are out to have "fun" . Many are lonely souls who go home just as lonely as when they arrived.  Now, the big question no one seems to have any good answer for, can the film makers tell us who the performers were on the whistling rendition of:  "I don't Want Your Greenback Dollar"    Claude..........?    Alain........?  Anyone remember....?

        Is the Sound Recordist / Mixer / Photographer: John Fletcher still with us....?   Anyone Please?

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